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Following are the webinar and podcast topics that AjoiA has curated for your audience. Webinars can be expanded and/or combined to meet your schedule needs:

Music as a Therapeutic Tool for Children and Adolescents

How music is a therapeutic tool that can inspire healing and build resilience in youth.

  • How music builds resilience in young clients.
  • Music selection targeted to the specific client.
  • How to integrate music in your therapy sessions.

Developmental Trauma: The Integration of Music and Sound for Healing

The research (ACES) and science (van der Kolk) around trauma in children and adolescence shows us the devastating impact that remains into adulthood. This webinar focuses on:

  • How the body stores developmental trauma.
  • Integrating treatment methods to help healing to occur.
  • When, and what music, during therapy to use with young – safely.

Communication Through Rhythm

The exploration of rhythm as a non-verbal way for children and adolescents to access and communicate emotions that are hidden and unvoiced.

  • Understanding rhythm patterns.
  • The integration of Polyvagal Theory in the communication process.
  • Paying attention to behaviors during the musical part of the therapy session.

Addiction: Music as a Healing Component for Recovery

Andrew “Shovell” Lovell’s personal experience in addiction and recovery combined with his work as a psychotherapist and musician provides a “living case study” for this webinar.

  • Polyvagal-informed music as a transformative tool.
  • Incorporating music into a variety of addiction recovery programs.
  • Music as a relapse prevention tool.

Creativity in Therapy: Using Music, Art, and Expressive Therapy Tools

Music constitutes part of the creative outlets and is an easy-to-use, effective therapeutic intervention.

  • The creative process and healing.
  • How to select the creative tools that work with the individual client.
  • Incorporating movement.

Working with the Global Majority in Therapy

A timely and important webinar for all clinicians. Working from Andrew “Shovell” Lovell’s personal journey, his clinical cultural competency expertise and practical clinical experience, this webinar gives you:

  • The minority experience in a therapy setting.
  • Your hidden (possible) bias and how to recognize them.
  • Ways to use music to break the cultural divide.

“I see AjoiA as a potentially great addition to whatever I am doing.”
Dr. Gabor Maté

– Dr. Gabor Maté, Renowned addiction expert, speaker author

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Music's Role in Navigating Emotions and Creating a Safe Space:

Understanding how music can help individuals process, express, and heal from feelings of anxiety and shame – without fear of external judgment.

Overcoming Shame:

AjoiA explores the role of music in helping individuals confront and navigate their feeling of shame, offering listeners a chance for reflection and connection.

Polyvagal Theory and Emotional Regulation:

Delving into Anthony’s work on the Polyvagal Music Protocol and its relevance in helping individuals regulate overwhelming emotions associated with anxiety and shame.

Soundscapes for Anxiety Reduction:

An in-depth look at the types of musical elements and compositions that can offer solace and calm for those experiencing anxiety.

The Power of Percussion:

from Andrew “Shovell” Lovell, insights into how rhythmic elements in music can provide grounding, especially for those grappling with heightened anxiety.

Collaborative Healing:

Drawing from the polyvagal-informed nature of AjoiA’s music, and the science of connection for wellbeing, this program is a guidepost to using music in therapeutic group settings.

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