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Immersive Sound Experiences for Elevated Well-Being

Scientifically Engineered Soundscapes: Healing Trauma, Fostering Self-Connection, and Strengthening Bonds

AjoiA is a pioneering music organization that is dedicated to harnessing the therapeutic power of scientifically curated soundscapes. Their mission is to facilitate the release of trauma and negative emotions while promoting a profound connection to the self and others through the transformative influence of their music.

AjoiA have demonstrated their expertly crafted music journeys around the world at mental-health conferences, recovery centres, corporate events, retreats, festivals and more. Their groundbreaking work serves as a catalyst for emotional healing and personal growth, making AjoiA a leader in the realm of music-driven well-being and emotional restoration.

Work with AjoiA

Explore how you can enhance your event, conference or retreat with AjoiA’s tailored, immersive sound experiences.

About AjoiA

Discover the captivating story that ignited the creation of AjoiA, and find out more about it’s founders and their pioneering mission.

The Science of AjoiA

Explore the science-backed principles and research that power AjoiA’s innovative approach to emotional healing and personal growth.


“AjoiA is defining a new genre of music that can serve as a powerful and enjoyable tool to promote relaxation, emotional expression, social connection, and personal growth.” – Dr. Stephen Porges

– Dr. Stephen W. Porges, PhD, Researcher, Author, Creator of The Polyvagal Theory, Our Polyvagal World, and Founder of The Polyvagal Institute

AjoiA in Action

Ajoia's Global Collaborations: Bringing Immersive Sound Experiences to Audiences Around the World

The Global Exchange Conference at Disney World

Orlando Florida | The world’s largest conference founded on mental health, addiction, wellness and leadership teaching, training and the exchange of knowledge.

AjoiA introduced their multi-sensory musical experience at the Global Exchange Conference in 2022. AjoiA's presentation featured live music performances, blending modern technology with ancient influences. Participants in this presentation enjoyed an hour of relaxation with sound and music vibrations, visuals, scents, and instruments promoting mental well-being.

Krýsuvík Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Centre

Iceland | Krýsuvík is an inpatient recovery center for individuals suffering from substance misuse disorder

"We had the pleasure of having AJOIA visit my recovery center in April 2023. Andrew and Anthony were amazing to work with. They did three sessions: one for the guests of the recovery center, one for all the staff, and one for the board and trustees. All of them were fantastic. AJOIA did different themes for each group, and it was amazing to see how in tune with people they are. All our guests were super happy with the experience and proud to be visited by such professionals.

My favorite was the session with the employees, where AJOIA brought in some magic. My employees went on a spiritual journey where they could let their guard down and embrace their vulnerability with each other. It was a true honor to have Andrew and Anthony visiting us, and I hope we can do it again soon." - Elías Guðmundsson, CEO Krýsuvík Recovery Center

The Guesthouse Ocala

Florida | A premier quality treatment center for those suffering from self-defeating behaviors such as substance and process addictions that result from psychological trauma.

AjoiA showcased their flagship workshop, 'Sound Sense of Being,' transformed into a comprehensive 5-day program at The Guesthouse Ocala Trauma and Addiction Treatment Centre. Participants embarked on a journey through various experiences. The initial session focused on deep relaxation, preparing the mind and body for subsequent therapy. AjoiA's approach demonstrated remarkable success as a complementary modality, enhancing the impact of other therapeutic interventions for patients.

Yoga X Life

Newcastle Weekend Retreat | An exceptional yoga studio offering curated workshops, retreats, classes, and in-depth explorations and experiences  of the healing practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

At the Yoga X Life weekend event, AjoiA curated a transformative experience titled "Sound, Ceremony, and Celebration." Their offerings included an inspiring AjoiA talk, a mesmerizing sonic journey, a guided meditation, and the captivating "Ceremony" - a Conscious Dance Music event. Participants immersed themselves in a holistic journey of sound, movement, and celebration.

Place To Be

A renowned children’s mental health charity focusing on helping pupils, families and staff in UK schools.

AjoiA presented a one-day workshop, "Sound Sense," at Place To Be Primary School. The event featured live percussion, singing, and movement to demonstrate the profound impact of music on well-being. Through engaging activities and performances, students and staff explored rhythm and melody, fostering creativity, self-expression, and a sense of community. AjoiA provided an inspiring and uplifting experience, emphasizing the transformative power of music in promoting well-being and artistic expression.

Teenage Cancer Trust, Jazz Rock 'n Raise

Newcastle | Providing care, support, and special events that connect young people living with cancer.

AjoiA took to the stage at the Teenage Cancer Trust's fund-raising gig, "Jazz Rock 'n Raise" in Newcastle 2023, performing tracks from their album. Their captivating music resonated with the audience, creating an unforgettable and energetic atmosphere. The performance showcased AjoiA's dedication to supporting vital causes through the power of music.

WOMAD Festival

‘D&Breathe’ Yoga Event | An annual, multi-day celebration of music, dance, and art attracting global performers and audiences.

AjoiA and d&b Soundscape teamed up at Womad Festival 2023, offering a unique experience – a 360° Sonic Journey and Anusara Yoga session. Cutting-edge audio technology enveloped attendees in a multidimensional sound world, enhancing their connection to music and the yoga practice. This unforgettable collaboration left participants rejuvenated and inspired.

Community Festival

Wellness Festival, Wales | London’s annual one-day “the best of new music” festival that draws a large audience into its vibrant community.

AjoiA presented an immersive experience combining live music, percussion, dance in "Ceremony," their Conscious Dance Music event. Blending ancient and modern beats, the sonic journey transcended boundaries, inviting attendees on a transformative communal journey of self-expression.

In another offering, AjoiA created a calming and therapeutic space where their healing sounds aimed to harmonize the nervous system. Their Sonic Meditation aimed to foster inner peace and connection, guiding attendees away from daily stresses. The live performance encouraged mindfulness and a deeper exploration of consciousness, aligning with the festival's holistic mission.

IFS Conference

Denver Colorado | Internal Family Systems (IFS) Conference: A multi-day clinical conference that focuses on the growth and evolution of psychotherapy from an IFS model founded by Richard Schwartz, PhD.

AjoiA's presentation at the IFS conference in Denver, Colorado, titled "Sonic Journey," was a mesmerizing exploration of the therapeutic power of sound and music. Their innovative approach to healing through sonic experiences left a lasting impression, offering attendees a new perspective on the integration of music and emotional well-being.

Defected Records Festival

Croatia | Uniting world-class talent from across the globe, Defected’s annual Croatia festival showcases the very best of dance music in a wellness setting

During their two-day Sonic immersive experience, AjoiA wove elements from their groundbreaking album, creating a sonic landscape that led festival-goers on a harmonious meditative journey. Blending live instrumentation, ambient sounds, and hypnotic rhythms, AjoiA induced deep relaxation and introspection on day one with the Sonic Journey. One day two, they held the conscious dance ceremony on the Beach Stage, and presented a fusion of intricate improvisations and crafted compositions, encouraging immersion in the present moment. Aligning with the festival's holistic mission, AjoiA's dedication to mindfulness resonated at Croatia's Defected Records Festival, delivering an otherworldly experience that merged nature, music, and self-reflection.

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